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Adult Volunteers

Volunteers are a vital part of Whittier Hospital Medical Center's activities. We invite you to participate in a rewarding and worthwhile volunteer experience. Volunteer benefits include professional development, training opportunities and work experience.


being part of a FANTASTIC Whittier Hospital Medical Center team
training opportunities
professional development
work experience
a free $6 lunch after working for 4 hours
as a volunteer you may park for free in the parking area behind the modular building
you will receive many intangible rewards for your service as a volunteer


good communication skills
must be a team player
must comply with all policies and procedures
attend orientation and departmental training sessions
must coordinate work schedule to meet hospital needs
age 18 or older, and no longer in high school

Areas of Service

nursing departments
visitor services/hospital front desk
patient errands
out-patient discharge
ancillary departments support
community outreach participation

Training and Time Commitment

Volunteers work in a variety of departments and will receive on-site training.

Volunteer service will be agreed between the volunteer and the designated department supervisor. Hours are flexible and depend on assignment.

Volunteer Application Procedure

Please follow the proper procedure should you wish to be considered for the program:

Fill out an application and download the forms (4) on this page, which include: Background Check Consent, Release of Information, Confidentiality Statement and Health Information form.
You will be contacted for an interview via email or by phone.
Read and sign the forms (4) and bring them with you the day of your interview.
Health clearance by Infection Control Department will be required. The applicant must provide copies of the following:

TB clearance: 1 documented negatives PPD's in the past year (one within the past 30 days)
negative BAMT (Quantiferon) within the past 30 days
negative symptoms screen and negative chest xray
measles, mumps, rubella: 2 documented doses spaced >28 days apart or titer showing immunity.
varicella: 2 documented doses spaced >28 days apart or titer showing immunity.
influenza vaccine: vaccination on record. IF IN SEASON, every October 1st to March 31st.
COVID vaccine: 1st and 2nd dose, and 1st booster dose.

Please be advised that you will be required to bring proof of vaccination the day of your interview.

After all the requirements have been met, you will be invited to attend to a mandatory orientation for volunteers and to take tour of the hospital.

Be prepared to let us know the days you are available to volunteer, areas of interest and hours.

You will also be asked to pay a $20 refundable deposit when you pick up your uniform.

An ID badge will be provided to you by the Human Resources Department before your start volunteering.


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