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Visitor Restriction Guidelines

Revised November 2022

WHMC is dedicated to creating the best experience possible for our patients. We understand the importance of visitors for our patients' emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Family, friends may visit during the hours listed in this policy.

Visitation may be contingent upon the condition of the individual patient and may be altered or eliminated if determined to be detrimental to the patient.

Visitation will be denied if the visitor is determined to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or exhibits disruptive behavior.

The number of visitors must not affect the healthcare provider's ability to provide proper care to the patient. Visitors must not affect the care or privacy of any other patient. Therefore, as a guideline, visitors are limited to TWO individuals at any time.

Any visitor with symptoms or signs of a communicable illness or disease should not visit the hospital.

Please be advised, visitors may be asked by staff to leave, especially if a patient needs rest. Visitors are welcome based upon the patient's condition and at the discretion of the nursing staff.

Access to the hospital property is open to patients, visitors, physicians, employees, clergy, authorized vendors and other authorized individuals only: unauthorized solicitation is strictly forbidden.

Inappropriate conduct, e.g. vulgar language, threatening or assaultive behavior, interference with patient care, etc., will be grounds for restriction or revocation of visiting privileges.

Visiting hours and regulations have been established to promote a family friendly environment, enhance patient care, satisfaction and safety.

Signs will be posted in key areas (front lobby, ER admitting, main Admitting Department) announcing the major components of Whittier Hospital Medical Center's (WHMC's) policy regarding visiting.

Visitors will be required to sign in and out of the visitor log which is kept with security.

The Clinical Manager of each department will contact the Director/Administrative Supervisor and/or Security for any problems with disruptive behavior and/or security concerns. Security will enforce the guidelines of this policy.

Personnel are to stop and question any unidentifiable person in their area. Unidentified persons are to be re-directed to the lobby desk to obtain a visitor armband.

Clergy will be allowed access at any time.


There will be no visitors permitted under the age of 13. Minor children must not be left unattended and must be supervised by an adult at all times. (exception: Pediatric Subacute and PACU restrictions for children visiting are listed in the respective sections below)
Visitation is limited to two (2) persons at a time per patient.

For patients sharing rooms; visitors may be limited to promote rest and healing; as well as keeping the volume of the television and/or electronic device low to avoid disruption for the patient sharing the room.
Visiting Hours:
Medical/Surgical and DOU Departments:

Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Critical Care (ICU):

Visiting hours are 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Labor and Delivery Unit:

To provide an environment where the patient can be supported by family members during their hospitalization yet allow clinical staff to provide the highest level of safe patient care, visitors will be allowed in LDR based upon the patient's condition and at the discretion of the nurse in consultation with the patient.
All visitors must be over the age of 13.
Visitors will be limited to 2 persons at any time. Visitors MUST wear special Labor/Delivery armband.
Immediately after delivery only the same 2 coaches or persons will be allowed to remain at the discretion of the mother. There will be no switching out of visitors so adequate time can be provided to allow for family bonding and when skin to skin and initial breastfeeding is started with the mother and baby.
Postpartum Unit:

Visiting hours are open 24 hours per day, with the following exceptions:
May be limited during "Mother/Baby Quiet Time" from 2pm to 4pm.
Only one visitor is permitted to stay overnight after hospital visiting hours have ended.
All visitors must be over the age of 13.
Emergency Department

One visitor per patient will be allowed at the bedside. We strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for our patients during their hospital stay.
The number of visitors may be altered at the discretion of the Clinical Manager/Charge nurse. This will be based on the patient's condition and the departmental needs.
Pediatric SubAcute Department

Special visiting hours for this department are 11:00am - 8:00pm with exceptions made on a case by case basis.
Parents have extended visiting hours between 7:00am - 11:00pm.
Restricted between the hours of 0600 - 0630 and 1800 - 1830 when change of shift occurs.
If special considerations should arise, please discuss with unit Clinical manager or Director prior to the visit.
Siblings may visit if they are free of signs and symptoms of cold, flu or other
Illnesses. Siblings under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult during the


The unit must be informed by Front Desk Security and permission given by the unit staff prior to visitor's arrival on the unit.
All visitors must sign in and out of the visitors log located at the nursing station, at each visit as well as sanitizing hands upon arrival and departure from the unit.
Outpatient Surgery:

Visitors are limited to 2 visitors per patient.

Visitors are not permitted in PACU except in the case of patients who are minors. In such cases, a parent may stay with the minor patient at the discretion of the RN. Exceptions can be made by the nursing staff for extraordinary circumstances.
All visitors of surgery patients may wait in the surgery visitor's area, cafeteria or main lobby. Visitors will be asked their relationship to the patient and for the cell phone number so that the surgeon can call them at the end of the procedure.
Overnight Visits/Stays:
General Policy: Over-night stay is dependent on the patient's preference; bed availability; i.e. private room or semi-private room; occupied by one patient; and/or gender. Limited to one person 18 years or older, staying in the patient's room. This will be allowed at the discretion of the Clinical Manager/Relief Charge of the Unit the patient is admitted to.
Pediatric Subacute Unit: Over-night stays are not permitted on the Pediatric Sub Acute Unit.
Night Operator Script (Stated over the public announcement system at 8pm) "We appreciate the support and care that your visit has given our patients. It is now time to provide a quiet environment so healing can occur. We encourage our visitors to respect our patients' need for quiet and rest at this time. We thank you and wish you a pleasant evening.


All visitors will present at the front desk in the lobby to receive a visitor pass/armband and visitors will need to provide patient's full name.

Visitors will need to sign the visitor log with security and security will strictly enforce that no more than 2 visitors are allowed at a time to ensure a quiet environment. To further ensure a quiet environment, security will provide visitors with a Quiet Campaign flyer.

If other visitors are waiting, the original visitors will return to the lobby or designated waiting area.

The patient's response toward his/her visitors will be considered by the nursing staff when allowing visitation. Visitors may be asked to leave at any time based on the RN assessment and/or care provided.

When code team response is initiated, the visitors may be escorted from the room and/or nursing unit at the staff's discretion.


Vendors must have an appointment before presenting to WHMC.

Materials Management will be notified of all unscheduled vendor visitations.

All vendors will check in at the Visitor Control desk. A badge will be issued.
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