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Day of Your Surgery

On the day of the surgery, please check in at the Information Desk in the hospital lobby.

Please remind your family and friends that visitors are not allowed in the recovery room. We ask that visitors stay in the waiting area or cafeteria while you are in surgery.

When the surgery is complete, and with your consent, your physician will discuss the findings and other pertinent information with your family. Please have your family/visitors notify the outpatient department where to locate them for this meeting.

Pain Management

Communication is the key to keeping your pain under control.

Ask your physician or nurse what to expect. Questions you may want to ask include:

Will there be much pain after surgery?
Where will it occur?
How long is it likely to last?

Make sure to discuss pain control options with your physician and nurses.

Mention pain control methods that have worked for you in the past.
Share concerns you have about pain medications.
Discuss any medication allergies you may have.
Inform staff about medications you are currently taking. Mixing certain drugs with pain medicines may cause problems.
Set a pain goal: Remember that all procedures cause some pain. We need to manage this pain to meet your goal.

Talk about the schedule for pain medicines in the hospital. Some patients received controlled analgesia (PCA). With PCA the patient control when to get pain medicine by pressing a button on a special instrument. Do not allow anyone else (family, friends, etc.) to push this button. This is a safety measure and will protect you from overmedication.
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