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Before Your Surgery

A hospital admitting representative will contact you before your surgery to ask for insurance information. Your insurance benefits will be verified before your surgery and you will be notified of any deductible and/or co-insurance needed at the time of your admission

We encourage all patients to preregister. Your surgeon will provide you with the date and time for your preregistration, preoperative testing, and preoperative instructions. To preregister online, click here.

Preoperative Testing

(Please allow 1-2 hours to complete)

All laboratory and other tests ordered by your physician are to be completed within72 hours of your scheduled surgery.
Tests may include blood tests, EKG, X-Ray, or any other procedures your physician orders.
Always notify your physician if there are any changes in your physical condition before your surgery, such as a cold, fever, or infection.

Preparing for Surgery

What to Bring

Click here for a checklist on what to bring to the hospital.


You must sign a consent form before your receive medical service. A parent or legal guardian must sign the form for a minor or surrogate.

Your physician will explain any conditions that may arise that could lead to admission to the hospital for an overnight stay.


Do not eat or drink anything, including water, after midnight on the night before your surgery (unless your physician tells you it's okay).
Confirm with your physician whether you need to take blood pressure and/or cardiac medication the day of your surgery.
Your surgery may be postponed if you do not follow the physician's orders.


Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
Do not wear any face or eye makeup, and do not bring jewelry or other valuables to the hospital.
Bring eyeglasses, if necessary for reading.
If you use a hearing aid, please bring it.
If you wear dentures, you may be asked to remove them before surgery. They will be returned to you when you leave the recovery room.
Please bathe or shower the night before or the morning of your surgery using a fresh bar or liquid antibacterial soap.
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