3 Healthy, Energizing Afternoon Snacks

Beat Your Afternoon Slump with These Tasty Treats

It’s three in the afternoon and the struggle to stay awake is real. When your body is just begging you to go for a nap and coffee just won’t do, fight your afternoon slump with some of our favorite energizing snacks. Unlike most snacks that keep you awake with sugar, these healthy bites are enriched with protein, which is a good source of tyrosine or the amino acid that boosts your energy levels. It can also keep you awake for longer and won’t cause any disruption to your sleeping pattern as caffeine does. Additionally, these healthy, energizing snacks are low in calories, making them perfect for those who want to keep their weights in check.

Fruit with Peanut Butter

The perfect combination of sweet and a little salty, carbs and protein. Fruit and peanut butter are like your healthier version of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches minus the bread but retaining the power packed flavor and nutrients. This energizing snack is portable and can easily be consumed on your desks. You can choose between banana, apple, pear, or even celery if fruit is not your thing. Just make sure to choose a brand of peanut butter that is not packed with sugars or fillers. Keep in mind that peanut butter requires no more than two ingredients to taste great.

Healthy Trail Mix

If you want some crunch and something chewable when it comes to snacks, trail mix is the perfect afternoon bites for you. The nuts provide the protein that you need to boost your energy while dried fruits can completely satisfy your sweet tooth. There are plenty of pre-packaged trail mix brands that are available in stores today or if you want to ensure that your trail mix is healthy and matches your taste preference, you can always make your own combination of dried nuts and fruits. You can even add a few pieces of dark chocolate for more variety in taste.

Greek Yogurt with Berries

This is no ordinary yogurt—it’s Greek yogurt! If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt, you’re missing out. This yogurt variant is richer than the traditional ones but has less sugar and twice the protein. Top this with your favorite berries and you have a great tasting snack that can easily beat your afternoon slump. You can drizzle this with a little bit of honey for a sweeter taste or dump all the ingredients in a blender for an afternoon smoothie instead.

Let afternoon slump be a thing of the past. With these protein-rich, energizing snacks, we’re sure that you’ll always have a productive and healthy afternoon ahead of you.

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