Healthy Movie Theater Snacks

Enjoy the Movie & Your Snacks Without The Guilt

Movie and snacks are two things that go hand in hand since time immemorial. As soon as you enter the movie theater, your mind is already racing on which snacks to get, especially when you get a whiff of that unique, sweet-salt-butter smell. If you love the movies, but always feel guilty because you can’t help munching on snacks, why not broaden your food choices and start opting for the healthier movie theater snacks? We list down some of our favorite movie munchies that are low in cholesterol yet filling and completely satisfying.


Popcorn is the staple movie snack, so we feel that this list should include this. Air popped popcorn is actually one of the most healthy snacks. It’s full of fiber and packed with antioxidants. However, movie theater popcorn is cooked with oil and topped with plenty of salt and butter. For a healthier popcorn, order your popcorn plain, which means no salt or butter to cut down on calories.

Dark Chocolate

For those who have the sweet tooth, look for dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolates have significantly fewer calories than milk or white chocolate. They are also known to contain nutrients that can improve heart health, aid in keeping your blood pressure and sugar low as well as potentially prevent some cancers.

Soft Pretzel

If you have been craving for something chewy in texture and warm like pizza, a soft pretzel is a good substitute. As long as you don’t dip your pretzel in cheese sauce, a large soft pretzel contains around 250 calories and 9 grams of fat. If you like, you may even drizzle this with mustard for a more flavorful bite. However, if you’re being strict with your diet, a plain soft pretzel is already a satisfying, healthy snack.

Nuts or Trail Mix

As concession stands strive to provide healthier options for their health-conscious patrons, many theaters are now offering nuts or trail mix. However, you may want to read the labels of packaged nuts and trail mix closer as some can still be high in calories because of their sugar and salt content. If you see a selection of trail mix in your concession stands, choose one that has unsweetened dried fruits and unsalted nuts. Avoid trail mix which has candies in the mix as they offer only empty calories.

For a healthier option in movie theater snacks, you may want to consider bringing homemade snacks such as a small bag of air popped popcorn or baby carrots instead. While many movie theaters discourage this practice, there are some theaters that actually allow outside food to be brought in. Just make sure to ask your local theater first if you can bring food inside as to avoid conflict or unnecessary argument.

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