Nervous About Exercise Classes?

Have you thought about attending a Zumba class or trying Yoga, but get cold feet when the time actually comes? You’re not alone! It is always intimidating being the new person in a room full of strangers, especially when you throw in squats or cha-chas. When you combine people’s embarrassment of their current physique with the awkwardness of doing unfamiliar exercise routines, it’s no wonder many are afraid to step inside a group fitness class. However, don’t let your anxieties hold you back from a fun way to work out. There are ways in which you can minimize or alleviate your fears! Check out some of our tips to help you get moving with confidence!

Tips for Overcoming Exercise Class Anxieties

  • Bring a friend – If you’re nervous about walking into a class where you don’t know anyone, grab a friend (especially if they’ve never done the class either!) This way you can try something new, look silly, and have fun together without worrying about what others think of you.
  • Start at your own pace – Many individuals make the mistake of overexerting themselves to keep up with the rest of the class. Take time to familiarize yourself with the routine and go at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Keep at it – No one is an expert at a fitness class right off the bat. (Okay, maybe one person is, but we don’t like them.) If you’re like the rest of us, you’ll probably miss a few steps in the beginning. Don’t worry. Just be persistent. By continuously going to class, not only will you learn the moves, but you’ll gain the confidence to add your own flare.
  • Talk to the instructor – If you are nervous about not keeping up with the class, talk to the instructor. While many teachers offer modification or adjustments to accommodate everyone, you can let them know about your own concerns. This way, they are aware of your needs and can help you grow.
  • Don’t compare yourself – Everyone is different. Everyone has their own body issues that leads them to work out. Whether they’re trying to be body builders or simply want to burn a few calories, people probably aren’t too worried about what you are doing. Focus on yourself without comparing yourself to others.
  • Get to know the regulars – Classes are made more fun when you can enjoy it with someone. If you couldn’t convince your friend to come with you, that’s okay. Get to know the people in the class. Not only can they help motivate you to return, but there’s something really comforting about having someone to commiserate with afterward.
  • Have fun – Most group exercise classes are designed to be engaging. Allow yourself to let your hair down (or tie it up) and have some fun. Not only can you get in a quality workout, but hopefully you’ll forget you’re exercising!

At Whittier Hospital Medical Center, we offer many exercise classes to help you get moving. With these tips, we hope that you can overcome your nervousness about group activities and join us!

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