Questions to Ask When Joining a Gym

As summer rolls around, many individuals re-dedicate themselves to a fitness routine. January’s resolutions may have faded away, but the warm weather calls for a re-examination of fitness levels and personal improvement. Before investing in just any local gym, it’s a good idea to do a bit of research first. Here, our Whittier Hospital Medical Center experts have compiled a list of questions to help you find the perfect gym to reach your goals.

What Are My Goals?

The first and most foundational question you need to ask yourself is what you are wanting to accomplish by joining a gym. Are you hoping to lose weight? Looking to regain strength and movement in an injured limb? Wanting to train for a specific event? By narrowing down what your goals are, you will be able to narrow down what type of gym you should be looking for in the first place.

How Far Away Is the Gym?

Chances are, even if you join the “perfect” gym with all your desired commodities and benefits, but it’s over 20 minutes away, you’ll find lots of excuses not to go regularly. Find a gym that is close to your home – maybe within walking distance! A convenient location will help you stick to your goals and get the most use out of your membership.

Is Investing in a Gym a Good Use of My Money?

This question is going to vary from person to person. If you are seriously committed to reaching your goals, then a gym is a good investment to reach your full fitness potential. If you invest in a gym without any real goals or motivation, it may end up being a waste of money. In this economy, you want to make sure you are putting your money where it will be well-used.

How Long Has the Gym Been in Business?

Make sure the gym is established and going to be around for a long time. Recent name changes or ownership turnovers may be a sign of slow business. If that is the case, the gym may close, leaving you at square one to begin the gym finding process all over again.

What Does My Membership Fee Include?

Before signing, make sure you get all the necessary information about what your membership fee does and does not include. Are classes included? Do I have to pay for towels? Can I get a discount if I join with a friend? Some gyms go above and beyond in customer service and even have complimentary hair dryers, soap, razors and more. Make sure you’re not getting charged too much for a bare bones gym.

Can I Get a Free Pass Before I Commit?

Most gyms offer a one-week pass for free. During this week, really try to get a feel for the gym. Can you visualize yourself here? Do you like the staff, the equipment, and the amenities? Another important thing to consider is whether the gym’s rush hours coincide with your workout schedule. If the gym doesn’t have enough equipment or space to accommodate everyone during busy hours, you may be left waiting in line twenty minutes for a machine. Keep all these things in mind during your free pass.

Can I Negotiate Gym Membership Prices?

Many gyms offer deals on their membership prices. Toward the end of the month, employees looking to meet a quota may be more willing to negotiate the prices. Other gyms may offer a discount if you pay for the year upfront. Don’t impulse-sign on a gym. Do your research and wait until a deal comes along.

Who Will Be Training Me?

Make sure that your gym staff is properly trained and certified. Ask about how many complimentary personal-training sessions you can receive. A gym that cares about their customer’s success is going to make sure that the customer knows how to use the equipment and can achieve their goals.

What Group Fitness Options Are Available?

If you’re more motivated by a group class environment, inquire about the gym’s class options. Many gyms offer yoga, pilates, spinning, aqua aerobics, and more. Ask about the class schedule and whether or not class fees are included in your membership package.

What Does the BBB Have to Say About the Gym?

As part of your research, look online for reviews of the facility. Your local Better Business Bureau will have all the information you need about the gym and customer’s satisfaction.

Begin Your Search for the Perfect Gym!

Don’t just settle for any local gym. Make sure that you will be getting your money’s worth from the gym and that the gym will be an environment that benefits you! If the gym has passed all these questions – congratulations! It sounds like you’ve found a gym that will help you achieve your goals.

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