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Every year during the Thanksgiving holiday, Bill Maletych, a 72-year-old Whittier resident and former patient, makes his annual round passing out hugs to hospital staffers.

In 2008, Bill, an active member of the Golden Years Senior Club, started to feel ill, but he was convinced that it was just a minor cold that would eventually pass and didn't seek any medical treatment. A week passed and he didn't feel any better; in fact, his symptoms had worsened and he began to experience severe pain in his abdomen.

Luckily, Bill was scheduled for his annual medical exam the next day, and he decided to ask his physician about his strange condition. After some basic testing, his doctor noticed some abnormalities with Maletych's lungs and told him to go to the hospital right away.

Maletych rushed to Whittier Hospital Medical Center where doctors informed him that he had pneumonia with feverish complications and that his lungs were rapidly filling with fluid. Dr. Thomas S. Tzeng and the intensive-care staff quickly drained his lungs of the fluid and stabilized his condition.

It was the first time Bill had been hospitalized."It all happened so quickly, and I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude for the staff at Whittier Hospital for saving my life - I feel very fortunate to have made it, that's why I'm here every year."

Bill Maleych has since become a familiar face at Whittier Hospital Medical Center and an active member of the Golden Years Senior Club.

"Bill's experience is just one of many untold stories that our exemplary staff regularly get to take part in," said Dr. Tzeng. "It's great to see Bill now advocating for others by encouraging individuals to seek medical attention even for things as seemingly minor as a cold."

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