Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are experts in human anatomy and movement.

The first visit will include a complete evaluation of strength, mobility, coordination, and pain or discomfort. A treatment plan will be specifically designed and may include:

  • exercise to increase strength, endurance, and mobility
  • soft tissue and joint mobilization
  • spinal mobilization
  • gait training (walking, running, etc.)
  • electrotherapy and other modalities to relieve pain and improve function
  • rehabilitation to return to work, school, and/or sports
  • advanced wound care provided by our certified wound specialist
  • ergonomic analysis
  • patient and family educational training

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists specialize in restoring function following an injury or illness. After a comprehensive evaluation, treatment may include:

  • specific, task-related exercises
  • hand therapy to restore fine motor coordination and function
  • cognitive and safety rehabilitation
  • return to work training
  • energy conservation
  • training for activities of daily living, like dressing, bathing, and grooming
  • splinting and adaptive equipment for improved function
  • ergonomic analysis

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Pathologists work with patients who have difficulty communicating due to conditions such as stroke. They assist with the recovery of speech, language, and cognitive (thinking) skills.

They also treat dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) which makes eating difficult and potentially dangerous.

Evaluation and treatment may include the following:

  • speech production
  • language skills including spoken and written comprehension and expression
  • oral muscle development
  • verbal expression including thought organization and word finding
  • compensatory memory strategy instruction
  • voice disorders
  • swallowing
  • compensatory chewing and swallowing techniques
  • meal planning for diet consistency
  • videoflouroscopy to evaluate safety