Pediatric Subacute

The Children's Center


After six months spent at the Pediatric Subacute Unit, C is ready to be discharged to a rehabilitation program to focus on his recovery. “From the time our son came to the hospital after a fall that caused a head injury, we always relied in our faith,” said mom. “I prayed day and night for his recuperation,” she continued. “The support and care all the nurses gave to our son, helped us through this stressful situation”. C’s parents were encouraged by the signs he kept on showing as weeks and months went by. First, by recognizing mom and dad and later when he was able to communicate to tell them he was feeling well and the nurses were taking good care of him. “Our son had a special person, a night nurse named Jackie” said mom. “He drew pictures for her… He even asked us to buy a gift for her birthday.” The bond between nurses and patients is evident at the unit, the staff becomes family to the children and the dedication and loving care they pour on their young patients are always present. The family is very grateful for the care C received. “Everybody was so good to him; the nurses, doctors, therapists, social worker, all of them were great” said dad. “We are now ready to move forward and help our son gain a full recovery.”

«S. came to Whittier Hospital in 2019. "Since then he has made significant progress and has overcome many challenges, thanks to the dedication and care he receives from the nurses, doctors and therapists." said mom. "I love the parties for the kids, especially during Halloween and Christmas as well as the outdoor areas. I am very grateful to the staff for everything they have done for my son!"