Pediatric Sub Acute

The Children's Center

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Reinali Zabalerio

Reinali Zabalerio RN, BSN

Director of Pediatric Sub-Acute

“I have been working in the Pediatric Subacute for 15 years at WHMC. I am a nurse, caregiver and advocate for every child on the unit. My hope is that the work I do for the kids, even in the smallest ways, helps to improve the child’s quality of life and they know how much I care for them.” Reina Zabalerio has 21 years of nursing experience.

Luzy Ayon

Luzy Ayon, MSW

Social Worker

“As a pediatric social worker, I enjoy working with families and believe the best way to meet a child’s need is to engage, strengthen, and support their families.”

Engin Tirakieva

Engin Tirakieva, RN

Clinical Manager

“I have been working in the Pediatric Subacute for 11 years at WHMC. Working with children with special needs brings with it a host of unique challenges and opportunities. The children I work with make every day fulfilling and I know my work is making a positive impact on them and their families. I am a nurse, caregiver and advocate for every child on the unit.” Engin Tirakieva has 32 years of nursing experience.

Christina Liu

Christina Liu, MA CCLS

Child Life Specialist

“I have been working at WHMC Pediatric Subacute for almost 2 years. I have always loved working with children, even when I was a child myself! Children have the ability to work through challenges and fight their medical battles with a smile. They keep me young and remind me that laughter really is the best medicine.” Christina Liu has 15 years of experience as a Child Life Specialist.

Ling Ye

Ling Ye, RN, BSN

"I've been working in the WHMC pediatric Subacute unit since 2004. For the past 17 years, I've prided myself on providing quality care with compassion and love. It takes a village to raise a child, and here at WHMC children center, we are more than a village. We are a home away from home, we are a family. " Ling Ye has 26 years of pediatric nursing experience.

Angelina Manantan

Angelina Manantan, Lead LVN

Infection Preventionist

“I have been working with Pediatrics for 14 years. I love working with children. They are resilient and deserve compassion in their healing. I am passionate in providing quality care and a safe environment for children.” Angelina Manantan has 17 years LVN experience.

Kristina Barker

Kristina Barker RN, BSN

Clinical Manager

“I have been working in Pediatric Sub-Acute for four years at WHMC. I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. I am currently in school at Maryville University for a Masters in Health Administration. I love working with the children and have enjoyed every second of it these last four years. I hope to make a difference in every child's life on the unit and provide every child with the best quality care.” Kristina Barker has four years of nursing experience.

Salve Aguilar

Salve Aguilar RN, BSN

Clinical Manager

" I have been working at WHMC for 14 years. I have always enjoyed working with children, and during my time here, I have found great joy in helping restore and improve their health despite the challenges brought on by their fragile conditions. At the same time, it has been a rewarding experience to be a part of bringing hope and joy back to them and their families." Salve Aguilar has 20 years of nursing experience.