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5-star Yelp review


I delivered my baby girl at Whittier Hospital on Sunday July 22nd, and the nurses were truly wonderful to both myself, my husband and our new baby. While in Labor and Delivery, Katerina took excellent care of me, always making sure my ice was full and taking me to the restroom as often as I needed. Once the baby came, Miss Doris in the nursery was so kind and patient with us. My baby had a stomach issue and had to be taken to the nursery for multiple tests and during this process Miss Doris kept us informed and let us come visit her in the nursery when our daughter was in between tests. She's really an amazing lady, and I think my anxiety would have been through the roof if it wasn't for her. And finally Melanie, my postpartum nurse... she was so kind and always positive. She checked on me all the time, making sure we were comfortable. These 3 nurses really made my stay at Whittier Hospital as comfortable as possible, and they are the reason for my 5 star review. Thank you so much for all your kindnesses! - Erica G.

"I had the best experience in the maternity area. My plan was to deliver in a birth center. Everything went the wrong way so we end it up at the Whittier Hospital. When I got there everything was ready.
I had my midwife Simona Istrate delivered my baby but the rest of the team was fantastic.
They followed every one of my birth preferences, and I was very specific. Every one in the team was so human and empathic.
I'm 100% satisfied" - Ainhoa Zapata

5 star rating

"I received a phone call from my son at around 1500 saying that he had cut his hand pretty bad and was heading to WHMC. I told him that I would meet him in the ER. He had cut his had right between the thumb and index finger on his left hand. Right in the middle of that web that we have there. It was very deep and I knew that he was going to need stitches. We were called to the back within 5 minutes of waiting, triaged and sent to the minor room. A very nice PA named Brittany came in and took care of him. She cleaned out the wound and put both a deep layer of sutures and skin sutures in it. She explained everything to him before she did it keeping him at ease the whole time. He was placed in a splint at the end and sent home. Overall we had a great experience at this hospital. I would recommend it to everyone that I know. Great job to everyone that took real good care of him."

“I would like to commend and recognize Nurse B.. She was caring for my mother and was very informative and always projected a positive sense of urgency… thank you very much Nurse B. and keep up the great job!”

“I had all 3 of my children there. Fantastic hospital.”

“Pues yo esoty muy agraciado la verdad x q fui a urgencias y me atendieron rápido y pues de las enfermeras muy hambles y el enfermero q me toco también y lo bueno q hablan español no se me dificultaba decir lo q necesitaba un cordial saludos para todos los empleados de este hospital y claro los doctores también”

I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to the staff below. ER RNs: Kelly and Steve - Kelly was very helpful and caring. Steve was the most compassionate and professional RN I have seen or worked with. Steve was quick to act, whether it was for a pt or for a colleague. Even during the change of shift, he made a point to ensure that I was comfortable and my needs were met. RN on 2nd floor: Thien was the nurse assigned to me. Like RN Steve, Thien was patient, professional and sincere. He made his rounds on time, and also made sure that my questions and concerns were answered promptly and accurately. Please tell each of them, thank you for caring for me!!

"Excellent service with lovely nurses."

"We were treated, served, and taken care of very well! We felt very appreciated!"

"Their nurses are the best!"

"I was very comfortable and the attention I received was good."

"I am thankful to Whittier Hospital Medical Center for all the activities...in the Activity Center"

"I just wanted to thank you for putting on the wonderful health fair, I really enjoyed it...It was very well done... I am an LVN... and wanted to express my appreciation."