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New Senior Member Orientation Join us for coffee and pastries. Learn about the benefits of being a new member!
Tai Chi Class Offered by Central Health Plan
Arts and Crafts Wednesday 3/22 11am Arts and Crafts. Easter Bunny decoration Supplies will be provided only to participants that make reservations. Please call 1 800 613 4291. Offered by Central ...
The benefits of food high in antioxidants Presented by Regal Medical Group. Berries parfaits will be served to all participants.
Skin Care as we age Your skin changes progressively with age. It becomes thinner, loses fat and no longer looks as plump and smooth as it once did. It can also take longer for abrasions, bruises and ...
Keeping your Brain Healthy Brain health can be optimally maintained by eating well and staying active. In this presentation we will explore various research findings related to aging well. We will discuss ...